Hellenic Regional Development
Center (HRDC) – Greece


The Hellenic Regional Development Center is a non-governmental organization established in view of promoting innovation, training and regional development.


HRDC Education and Training

HRDC is supporting the development of vocational education by providing advice, training needs analysis and training sessions. Furthermore, HRDC stimulates EU cooperation and mutual learning by offering support through local investment activities, promotion of lifelong learning, counseling, and transfer of knowledge.

Modern methodologies and training innovations provide opportunities for further social integration and cohesion within the European sphere.

HRDC gives particular attention to designing, planning and implementing user specific tailor-made training courses on various technical, management and pedagogical topics.


HRDC Long-lasting Experience

HRDC has been active since 1991 serving the public interest by pursuing initiatives for regional development.  HRDC initiative for University, Enterprise and Social actors Training Partnership, promotes training innovation and regional development in the following areas:


  • ·Regional development
  • ·Vocational Education and Training
  • ·Transfer of Innovation
  • ·Social Cohesion
  • ·New Technologies

HRDC holds strong collaborations with international organizations and regulatory authorities, supported by its backbone broadband infrastructure.

HRDC maintains under these relations, participations in innovative activities taking place in and outside Europe.


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