Docete Omnes -Spain

Docete Omnes foundation was founded at the request of the Reverend Father Rafael Villoslada Peula S.J., in 1.968 in response to the need of formation and care of disadvantaged people. It started its activity through the foundation of a homeschool, an useful instrument to get the promotion of childhood and youth from rural environments who, because of the inadequate implementation of compulsory education, were often deprived of access to education and culture that could allow them to give up the agriculture, a sector in recession at that time and to get incorporated to industrial sectors and services with better expectancies.
In 1974, when the the school building policies in rural environments and the increasing qualifications demands started to show that the Homeschool had no longer a reason to exist, the Foundation changed the school equipment in an Vocational Training School called “La Blanca Paloma” and recognized  bu the Ministry of Education and Science as a High and Medium Level Approved Çenter.
Later it has been approved as a Collaborative Center of the Andalusian Local Government to provide Vocational Training Courses and, many Lifelong Courses are being provided.  Concerning Welfare aspects, Docete Omnes Foundation founded in 1.982 the Occupational Center Padre Villoslada, an institution aimed at Psychic Disabled People and Mentally Disabled Adults.
Nowadays, we take care of one hundred and thirty people among which 80 people are residents of the nursing home.  The philosophy of the Occupational Center is to prepare people to get incorporated into the labour force and to the Social Integration.  Among the Occupational Workshops running at the moment, we can highlight the following:
Social and Vocational Integration Workshop: adult women from already-closed psychiatric centers. The work is mainly concentrated on the lack of relationships and communication through the work.-
Day Care Center: women with behavior troubles or deep mental handicap. The activity is mainly concentrated on tasks of Personal Autonomy and Psychomotricity. -
Workshop of abilities for the daily routine: young women with Life-in-Community Deficit Disorders. -
Basic Learning Workshop: for deteriorated women of very advanced age.  -
Handicrafts Workshop: mainly aimed at Psychotic Women who need an occupational Therapy and with social skills and conflict resolution deficit. -
Sewing Workshop: Mentally Disabled Women with the same needs above-mentioned.  The social integration is achieved through a network of Care homes where families of mentally disabled people lived under normalized conditions.
Since 1.989, Docete Omnes Foundation is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Council of Granada inside a program of deinstitutionalization of chronic mentally ill. Thanks to this action, more than fourteen psychic disabled people have left hospital regimes (some of them after more than forty years confined in a psychiatric hospital) and are living now in Care Homes and have entered the different programs of work experience. Since 1.999, we are also working with young people or minors with problems of social exclusion. Nowadays, the education field keeps over three hundred students teaching by 20 workers and the care fields, 82 workers take care of more than two hundred users.