Link Name Short Description Language Available Institure of Psychlogy of Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria Children and violence: national  projects and programs Bulgarian MediaPool Statistics about violence against children in Bulgaria Bulgarian State Agency for Child Protection, Bulgaria State Agency for Child Protection, Bulgaria Bulgarian UNICEF, Bulgaria Protection of children against violence Bulgarian UNICEF, Bulgaria National Communication Campaign “Silence today gives birth to screams tomorrow” Bulgarian UNICEF, Bulgaria National Campaign against battering children “Look at it, say something…” Bulgarian Manual for prevention of sexual violence against children


The Manual on preventing violence has been distributed in schools, kindergartens, social institutions and NGOs. The Manual has been reissued in 1000 copies.

The specialists from schools, kindergartens, social institutions and NGOs used the 2 training films have been made where are presented methods and technique of work in groups on several modules of the Manual.

Bulgarian Psychological Health Portal of Bulgaria Discusses psychological consequences of violence against children. Bulgarian Self-harm recovery and support Covers issues of self-harm of children and young people. English Humbolt University Archive of Sexology Among others, discusses problems of sexuality resulting violence against children. German Self-injury Self-injury among children and young people English Violence against Children A basic introduction into the problem Bulgarian Bulgarian Science Portal Signs of Violence against Children Bulgarian